Need a Wix Expert?

As a certified Wix Partner expert of 6 years, our team specializes in Wix Velo development, web design, SEO, and other related tasks all committed towards the overall growth and automation of your business.

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Website Design


  • Create Classic Websites

  • Create Advanced Websites

  • Redesign Existing Sites

  • Migrate Existing Sites To Wix

  • Website Guidance, Consulting, & Tutoring

Wix Velo Development


  • Custom Site Functionalities

  • Content With Databases

  • Custom Input Forms

  • Third Party Services

  • Wix Corvid Coding Guidance

Search Engine Optimization


  • Initial Site SEO Audit

  • Monthly Managed SEO Services

  • Minor SEO Updates

  • SEO Strategy Consulting

  • Analytical Implementations

Small Business Software


  • Customer Relations Management Software

  • Lead / Sales Software

  • Cloud-Based Phone Software

  • Finance / Accounting Software

  • Team Communications Software

Wix Velo
Code Examples


  • Wix Velo Tutorials

  • Pre-Packaged Code Snippets

  • Custom Video Walkthrough Guides

  • Coding Guidance Is Always Free!

About Us

Our mission at IT Mighty Web Design is to help empower entrepreneurs into becoming self employed business owners. We do this by making cloud hosted platforms like Wix more accessible and easy to use.

From attracting new clients to helping organize and automate your online business processes, IT Mighty is here to help bring your vision to life. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the questions we hear most.


How much do you charge for Wix Partner related website services?

We make our services available within the form of "Prepaid Hours of Service". Our minimum standard hourly rate is $125/h.

*Itemized services as well as fully managed website projects, where a full website is delivered, these services are available when the total quoted value is to be over $1,000.

To receive an estimation on how long your project tasks will take when it comes to hours of service, please complete our new project on-boarding form here to get started. After this form has been received, we can get started on building your project quote.

Prepaid Hours of Service
"This includes prepaid hours of labor services to be used on any website design or development needed. These prepaid hours never expire until used in full and can be used towards any offered service at the discretion of IT Mighty Web Design.
1 Quantity = 1 Labor Hour"

We are currently in the process of converting our services to be individually itemized. When this happens, our project rates are expected to rise. Prepaid hours of service will then only become available as a monthly retainer to be used across various website maintenance and adminstration needs.

All prices quoted are of USD currency.

I need Wix related help. How do I get started?

We're more than happy to help! Our first steps is to learn a bit more on what you're trying to implement into your Wix website. The quickest ways to do this would be to either:

1. Schedule a Phone Call Consultation


2. Complete our New Project On-boarding Form

Either of these options will help to provide us with a base level understanding of what you're trying to accomplish on your Wix website. From here, we can both ask each other questions in order to ensure that we're both on the same page before a proposal is presented.

How fast can you get started and how fast can you complete our project?

Of course, every project is different. Please know that any timing or pricing estimates are completely dependant on the level of complexity of the requested implementations. After you have requested a quote and have provided more info to us on your project needs, we can then give you a more accurate estimation as to when we may be able to start on the project as well as the estimated date of completion.

With this being said, we do try to stick to a general week to week guideline on what is to be expected. Generally, whenever a quote has been presented and payment has been made, we just need on average ~ 1 week of time before we are able to be fully prepared to start on your project.

From here, as a general rule of thumb, we aim to have each project completed within 1-3 weeks after the date of payment. This is usually 1 week of preparation, 1 week of implementation, then 1 week to review and collaborate on any changes that might be needed. In this final week, we also compile custom recorded tutorial walkthrough videos to help showcase and walk you through what we've implemented and how to manage these items moving forward.

Do you offer any form of Wix related tutoring?

Yes we do! At this time, we are able to offer free consultations across any Wix related question you might have. If there is ever a time where you have a random Wix question, please feel free to reach out to us as we'll be more than happy to help.

If you should hire us to complete an implemention for you, then please know that at the end of every project, we create custom recorded walkthrough videos. Whatever implementation we are building and providing to you, we want you to easily understand how to work with these items.

If you should ever have any tutorial related questions throughout our project, please let us know and we'll be more than happy to create additional videos for you to help answer any questions you may have.